Hyperior Fashion

A fashion-based project which is helping lead the race into the metaverse. This team is giving everyone a chance to become a part of something revolutionary, pushing limits that we have never pushed before. Giving all aspects of creators a chance to shine and work within the projects, which in the long term will only create one of the biggest and most interconnected communities all leading to build within the metaverse.

There is an endless possibility that can be accomplished with a team so emerged into encouraging the community, to bring in new ideas and art designs. This is a space you should really watch out for.

Teaming up with a major artist in the NFT space, integrating his art onto fresh sneakers that will be available in the metaverse through Decentraland and SandBox. By holding these NFTs you are also given priority access to other up projects Hyperior Fashion release in the future.

Adding rarity traits as; rare, elite and legendary gives access to 3 different designs of sneakers, additionally allowing for future merchandise drops linked to the project.

Hyperior Fashion Easter Eggs

Implementing easter eggs to add a sense of curiosity to the projects, giving collectors an unknown value, that will only keep people more eager and intrigued to the future added utilities.


Building a project also includes building a good community, by having a backing of a community that believes in the project as the developers and artists do, you will fundamentally improve the structure and authenticity that will welcome new members in a much more family-felt environment. As you can see on discord and twitter, any community-focused project tends to excel as the community itself will be what keeps these projects growing. This makes it more than just how much you can flip the NFT for, but actually understanding and believing in the utility of the project and the long-term goals. Owning a rare NFT can even show to bring an individual following base up on social platforms. Not only can you make money from NFTs, but you can utilize their community and popularity to build your own network, whether this be social or any business venture you head-on, these communities all stand by each other and love to help each other succeed!.



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Hyperior Fashion

Hyperior Fashion

HYPERIOR uses the best engines, NFT, blockchain authentication and augmented reality, combined with our style and taste expertise to create fashion collectibles